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Allergies / Ovarian Cyst

“My experience with Master Wang has been amazing. He possesses a healing energy that has helped, if not alleviated problems from allergies to an ovarian cyst. I recommend him to all my friends.”

- Jennifer, Chicago


“I was sixteen years old, going into my junior year in high school, when I began losing my hair. I was sitting in my room, having my aunt straighten my hair when she found a bald spot on the back of my head. I was mortified. I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata, which is an immune deficiency. 

My immune system was attacking my hair follicles causing my hair to fall out. The doctor told me that I would never be able to grow hair in that spot again. He proceeded to give me salicylic acid to put on the bald spots to “jump start” my immune system.
My hair continued to fall out until I lost about 75% of my hair. I had to wear a wig, which made me even more self-conscious. I was terrified that the person sitting behind me would notice and make a scene. My worst memory was during marching band practice in late fall when it was terribly windy. 

I had to tie my scarf around my head in order for my wig to stay in place. That lasted about 20 minutes until I left the field in tears.
My saving grace was Dr. Wang. I was extremely apprehensive at my first appointment; I had no hopes of it working. Much to my disbelief, within the first two weeks my hair stopped falling out. 

Within the first month my hair was growing back. That was 5 years ago. Recently, I donated 9 inches to Locks of Love. I cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not found Dr. Wang.”

- Anonymous

Anosmia (Loss of Smell / Taste)

Sense of Taste and Smell Returns After 10 Years

“It had been ten years, one week and one day since I lost my sense of taste and smell when I went to Dragon’s Life Systems. I had heard about them on the Steve & Johnnie Show on WGN. 

As I listened to Johnnie tell her story I felt I was listening to my own story. When she told of her success, I decided I had nothing to lose if I were to try acupuncture.
After the first session, I was asked what I could smell and my answer was alcohol, which was correct. My sister and I left my session and we went to lunch. I tasted chicken for the first time in ten years. 

I had forgotten that chicken even had a taste. I tasted an orange and a fresh hot baked roll. I tasted my sister’s bacon and egg sandwich. 

I told my sister I felt like a kid in a candy store; she told me I looked more like I had A.D.D. because I was jumping from food to food to see what it tasted like. I thought I was in heaven.

I could actually taste food! When the owner of the restaurant we went to asked how lunch was, I could honestly say “it was the best meal I have had in years.”
I was afraid that when I woke up the next day that it would have been all a dream and my taste would be gone again. But when I woke up and had breakfast I could still taste and smell. 

And, it has only continued to get better. Over the weekend we had a BBQ for our children and their families. 

I made a cucumber salad that my family loves. For the first time in ten years, I was able to make it without the help of someone else having to taste it to see if it needed more sugar or vinegar. I could tell on my own what my salad needed.
You can’t imagine what my world now feels like. Every day is an adventure of smells and tastes. I am so happy that I had the courage to come to Dragon’s Life Systems and have experienced the result of successful acupuncture treatments. 

The sessions do not hurt and they are very relaxing. I have no idea how it works; I only know that for me, acupuncture has given me back my sense of taste and smell. 

My sister and I are telling everyone we know about Sheng-Li Wang and several of our friends are calling for appointments. They too want to experience the help and relief that can be brought about by acupuncture. I know that I am now a firm believer of it!”

- Kaylyn Dunne (June 2009)

Bell's Palsy

“I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a facial nerve disorder. Doctors were uncertain as to the cause and I was told I could expect a 2-year recovery with possible residual effects.

I was treated by Sheng-Li Wang daily for 30 days. At the end of that time I have no symptoms and they have not returned.”

- Robert Haworth, Western Suburbs

Bipolar Disorder

“Bipolar disorder has significantly, and often severely, impacted my life and my mind for the last 12 years. I have taken countless medications, seen many different doctors, and have been hospitalized in inpatient psych units nearly 10 separate times. 

I have suffered from both major manic episodes and major depressive episodes. The manic episodes have lasted, on average, between 3 and 4 months, while the depression often lasts between 6-17 months.

Anxiety, an accompanying problem of bipolar disorder in my case, has also plagued my ability to socialize and be at peace with myself. Thankfully, about 2 years ago a friend recommended that I see Dr. Wang to help me with my bipolar disorder.
Over the past year or so the acupuncture that Dr. Wang provides has significantly helped reduce the symptoms related to my bipolar disorder. I have not had to make a return visit to the hospital since I have begun seeing Dr. Wang. 

My depression, manic tendencies, and anxiety have all been drastically reduced to the point of scarcely affecting my life anymore. Additionally, my irregular sleeping habits have been greatly helped and rectified through acupuncture.
Dr. Wang is a very kind person and is generous with his tremendous ability to heal. He has a calming presence that makes acupuncture a very peaceful, powerful, and enjoyable experience at every appointment.

Trusting Dr. Wang with his mastery of needles and positive energy is one of the wisest decisions I have made. 

The Zhen Qi Dr. Wang employs in his practice is certifiably potent force that has considerably assisted in the healing of my bipolar disorder. I practice Life Energy Qi Gong as directed by Dr. Wang. This practice has encouraged me to live a more healthy life both mentally and physically. 

It also has promoted a strong sense of spirituality in me, which is a vital component to the healing process associated with bipolar disorder. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wang if you are suffering from bipolar disorder in any way, shape, or form.”

- Matt McNichols (January 26, 2013)

Cerebellum Damage

“I am a 44-year old married woman, mother of two that has suffered with debilitating imbalance and dizziness for over four years.

I have seen prominent specialists, and every test imaginable, taken many different prescribed medicines, and have had numerous sessions of physical therapy. Once in a while, I would have a little relief but nothing significant or permanent.
At my most recent appointment with the specialist, he suggested I try a vitamin regiment and have acupuncture, as no other treatment seemed to be giving me much relief. I started with the vitamins and then proceeded with the acupuncture.
That is when I contacted Master Wang. After just 4 or 5 sessions, I feel better than I have in years. I am no longer wobbling when I stand still or when I am walking. 

The dizziness has subsided, and I can put my head back to see the sky – something I could not do before. Although I still have a ways to go, I feel better than I have in a very long time.
Master Wang seems to have diagnosed my problems better than anyone else. Most people think acupuncture is quackery and are afraid to try it, but when you get desperate, you will try anything.
I will be forever grateful to my doctor for suggesting acupuncture and forever grateful to my friend for referring me to Master Wang. He has been my miracle worker.”

- TRL, Long Grove, IL (July 24, 2011)

Chemotherapy Side Effects

I have been in treatment with Master Sheng Li Wang for the last seven years. The reason for my starting treatment with him is given in the following biographical sketch:
I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) in June of 2002. The alarm was sounded in mid-January of that year by chest pains, shallow breathing, and extreme weakness and loss of energy. 

The condition was such that my wife made me an appointment for me with my regular physician. He placed me in the hospital immediately for extensive testing. 

The tests included CT scans, MRIs and a Doppler exam to be sure the circulation in my lungs—particularly in the right one. They also showed that left kidney needed to be removed, being about twice the normal size.
After putting me on Lovenox, a “blood thinner” for a month, they arranged for the removal of my left kidney, which was done in February of 2002. 

Several weeks later, I began to feel pain again in my right lung. Two needle biopsies were done in the weeks during the late winter and spring of 2002. The second one demonstrated conclusively that I had the same cancer cells in my lungs that they had discovered in my kidney.

Immediately, in consultation with the oncologist to whom I had been assigned at the Edward Hospital Cancer Center, I began to explore my options as to treatment. 

At that time, I was referred to another oncologist at the Cardinal Bernadin Cancer Center at Loyola Medical Center. He outlined for me the rather grim possibilities and stated that my condition was such that I would likely not survive any treatment that could be done.

He did say however that one of the doctors at the University of Chicago Center for Advanced Medicine, Dr. Walter Stadler, might have a clinical trial that could be entered. I went there a few days later. There, I was given CT scan which indicated the cancer was now in my liver as well as my lungs. I was placed on interleukin II and Interferon. 

Two months later, a follow up CT scan showed that though my lungs looked better, the places on my liver were larger. At the point Dr. Stadler tried to get me into a clinical trial but was unable to do so. When this option failed, the doctor stated that he would put me on chemotherapy.
My wife and I had heard about how chemotherapy often leads to bouts of nausea. Fortunately, we had also heard that acupuncture helps to prevent the nausea for patients who are in chemotherapy. 

A nurse friend had been treated by Master Wang and thought very highly of him and his treatment. Through her direction I started treatment with him. I am pleased to say that during my remaining months of treatment (eighteen with chemotherapy added to the previous two months of Interleukin II and Interferon for a total of twenty months) I did not have any nausea. 

In addition, Master Wang was treating me specifically for my liver and sometimes for other related problems that arose. 

I firmly believe that I was able to stay on the chemotherapy for those eighteen months because of the acupuncture I received from him. All during this time, he was most helpful and encouraging. 

That is, not only was I helped by his acupuncture treatments but also by his personal concern for me and the positive professional spirit he manifested. I have recommended him to many other persons and will continue to do so.”

- Bill L. Bryan

"Dr. Wang mitigated the worst side effects of chemotherapy after my stem cell transplant and contributed to a longer period of remission."

- David Justice, Western Suburbs

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

“My 9-year old daughter started experiencing ankle pain last December. It worsened over time and by February she could no longer walk. After seeing countless doctors and specialists and having numerous tests, x-rays, ultrasound, MRI's done and checking for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to cancer, the doctors were at a loss.  

She was diagnosed as having C.R.P.S. - Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. We were looking at a horrible road ahead filled with nerve blocking drugs, spinal blockers all to help "alleviate" but not cure her pain as there is no known cure.

I saw this energetic, healthy child become depressed, withdrawn and in pain so bad, she'd cry and wince in her sleep. For some reason, I kept thinking maybe I should take her for acupuncture... having no experience with it myself, I don't know why that kept popping in my head. 

The doctors didn't feel I should explore this option. In early March, her pain had heightened so bad that she started thrashing and screaming "mommy, please help me." So I called my cousin who had experience with acupuncture and she referred me to Dr. Wang.

He got us in that same night, as she limped into his office in her full leg boot; he had to take it off her and told us it had done more harm than good. Not one doctor knew where the pain stemmed from, but Dr. Wang went directly to it and after a few minutes of massage, I saw color come back to her face and he told her to get up and walk.

I was shocked to see my daughter walk freely and painlessly. I felt like I witnessed a miracle. Within a few treatments, she was totally cured and I'm thrilled to see her back to being a healthy, vibrant 9-year old.
I cannot thank you enough Master Wang for what you've done for my daughter. I shudder to think of the long, drug induced road we might have taken.”

- Gina and Gianna Arakelian

Crohn's Disease

“I just want to thank you for the improvement in my condition. My Crohn’s disease has been in a chronic condition for the last 35 years. Your treatments have stabilized and improved my symptoms dramatically in the last 6 weeks. I am no longer on prednisone (a steroid). I look forward to being without symptoms as the treatments continue.”

- Michael Zawislak (December 8, 2009)

Depression / Anxiety


“At the beginning of this year 2012, too many things happened to my family, I didn’t sleep for 7 days and nights. My memory was so bad; it seemed that I lived in a dream. I was full of fear and despair, I lost interest in anything, and I thought about death many times, I even wanted my 5 month old baby for adoption.
Fortunately, I got to know Dr. Sheng-Li Wang. I started acupuncture and took some herbal medicine with him. After 5 months, Dr. Sheng-Li Wang drove off the anxiety. Now, feel peaceful most of time, I can take care of my kids and focus on work now. I know I may need a little more time to recover completely, but I believe I see the end of suffering.”

- Gabriela (August 14, 2012)

Depression and Anxiety

“After years of depression and anxiety due to the trauma of childhood sexual and verbal abuse, my life is fuller and free from anxiety thanks to Dr. Wang's acupuncture, Life Energy Qi Gong treatments and
herbal treatments.”

- Ellen, Chicago

Difficulty Breathing

“I wanted to thank you for fixing a problem that I had with difficulty breathing for over 5 years. I have asthma that usually manifests with exercise. I went to see you because I was feeling ill, but described my symptoms to you. I had mentioned my intermittent problem to my medical doctors during my annual physical examinations, but this was always dismissed.
The symptoms I described to you were of having difficulty breathing because it felt as if I had a massive weight on my chest, this usually happened without any exertion and lasted anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour before dissipating.
You immediately diagnosed my trouble as a nerve in my chest. You said that you could fix it in four treatments. After one treatment, the symptoms seemed to be less severe. After four treatments, I have not had any more of these symptoms!
Thank you Dr. Wang. There is no way that I could have gotten better with traditional medicine. The focus would have been on my asthma and surely would have meant taking drugs. Once again, you are a savior.”

- Anthony Tyus (January 10, 2011)

Disequilibrium / Vertigo

“My healing journey began with Master Sheng-Li Wang in September of 2008. Before seeing Master Sheng-Li Wang I was suffering from Disequilibrium and Constant Vertigo (objective vertigo) which began in June of 2003. I have seen several doctors. 

One doctor told me, “If you have nerve damage, there is no one that can help you!” Then I was sent to see a world renowned neurologist. 

He said I had definite nerve damage and could not even imagine me without medication. Unfortunately the medication I am on is very addictive and would only help me walk and exist; I became very dependent on others.
So I decided to look into Alternative medicine, there were many to choose from. I had heard a lot of success stories about acupuncture, when I came across the ad for Dragon’s Life Systems and saw the name Sheng-Li Wang. 

After Master Sheng-Li Wang examined me, he explained what was going on and how he could help with the utmost wisdom and compassion.

He told me I had severe damage to my cervical spine, and that he could help the nerve damage. I knew instinctively from that moment Master Sheng-Li Wang was the one who would help to heal the nerve damage I was suffering from.
Master Sheng-Li Wang is very observant, attentive and gentle with me and my treatments. On one occasion, I had arrived for my usual treatment and was greeted by Master Sheng-Li Wang with his warm and welcoming smile.

Unfortunately my Disequilibrium and Vertigo were very severe at the same time I managed to say hello and smiled back. Then, I slowly tried to sit down but was approached by Master Sheng-Li Wang who took my arm and immediately brought me back to the treatment room. 

As I lay on the table he began working on my left ear and behind the ear. He did Tui-na (Traditional Chinese therapeutic massage) and then the acupuncture. When he returned and removed the needles he massaged my ear again. 

As he was working on me he explained that I had a pinched nerve and was not getting enough blood flow to my brain resulting in my constant Vertigo. After my treatment I got up slowly and the Vertigo subsided; I felt much better.
Now because of my weekly treatments with Master Sheng-Li Wang my mobility, functions and ability to take care of myself has increased. My treatment’s consist of: Acupuncture, Tui-na (traditional Chinese therapeutic massage), herbal’s and Qi-Gong.
I am looking forward to what maybe a difficult but rewarding journey
of getting off the highly addictive medication I am on, especially because
I will be safe in the very caring and competent hands of Master
Sheng-Li Wang.

I refer Master Sheng-Li Wang to everyone I know. The world renowned neurologist was so impressed with how my nerve was healing the he began referring Master Sheng-Li Wang to his patients also.

I am so humbly thankful for all the help with Disequilibrium and Constant Vertigo that Master Sheng-Li Wang has given; words do no justice for the wonderful treatment I have received.”

- Mary Katopodis (June 27, 2009)


Daughter’s Reading and Writing Problems

“My daughter had reading and writing problems in school. For a second grader she had a kindergarten reading level and hand writing level. She reversed many letters and numbers. 

She was getting frustrated and lashing out after school because she hadn’t been able to finish it. We went to tutoring for 6 months with no change.

The school teacher even told us that maybe she was just “slow.” I could tell from her verbal usage that she did understand a lot more than she could read and write. 

While fighting with her to read one day I realized that she was sounding out only the first letters of a word and the last. She was not seeing the middle part of word or sentence. We went to an optometrist that tested the tracking and twinning of her eyes. 

Red flags were raised and we were recommended to do vision therapy. It would take me three to four weeks to get into a specialist under my insurance plan so we decided to try Master Sheng-Li Wang as we had fantastic experiences with him before.
Master Sheng-Li Wang was great with her. She felt comfortable and at ease with him immediately. The treatment was painless and did not involve any needles so she was happy. 

On the way home after one treatment, my daughter started reading road signs to me. Something she had never done before.
After 2 weeks we noticed significant improvement in her attitude at school and her ability to read. Homework wasn’t a fight and she could complete a two sided page in 10 minutes without reading it to her. 

The handwriting was still not up to par, but she could start to formulate what she wanted to write and put down complex sentences.

After a couple of months she was on the challenge spelling list not the basic spelling list and was very proud of herself. She was getting all of her spelling words correct. She loves reading now and is improving every day. 

She tested at 92% comprehension level reading all by herself and is up to grade level in reading. The teacher and reading specialist are amazed at how well she is progressing.”

- Anonymous (September 2009)

Son's Dyslexia and Vision Problems 

“Three years ago, our then six year old son was diagnosed with both dyslexia and vision problems. He was having difficulties identifying letters and numbers and it wasn't uncommon to see him squinting while reading. Test scores showed that he was reading well below grade level. 

In addition to vision therapy, Sheng Li Wang began treating his eyes and the brain connections in support of these functions. Over time his reading and math have steadily improved. We were also able to discontinue vision therapy over a year ago.

We were happy to recently receive news that he is now reading at grade level, an achievement that we wondered if was possible. As the treatments continue we look forward to see our son continues to grow and improve in his abilities. 

We are extremely grateful for Sheng Li Wang's abilities and help he has given our son.”

- CH

Eye Disorder


“My husband was diagnosed with glaucoma May 1, 2009. The pressure was 28 in the right eye and 30 in the left. We went to see Sheng-Li Wang, then for 3 times a week. As of November 3, 2009 the pressure was 18 in the left and 16 in the right.”

- Joan Hartnett (November 5, 2009)

Macular Degeneration to Vision

“I have been getting treatment from Dr. Wang since July 16, 2005. I have macular degeneration in both of my eyes. 

I have mostly scar tissue in my left eye which causes my vision to become distorted, but after one treatment the distortion is gone and also I am able to get my depth perception back. I am able to see facial features after treatment and also read menus in restaurants.
When I first started treatment in 2005, I came every four to five weeks, but since 2008 have been able to not come as frequently. 

My Retinal Specialist has informed me that my eyes are stable, the drusen (soft yellow deposits) which cause the dry macular degeneration are decreasing in size. He also told me he knows nothing about acupuncture but to keep doing what I have been doing. 

I have tried other providers in Ohio and Michigan, but the treatment doesn't work as well as what I can get from Dr. Wang, so, it is worth the trip from Northwest Ohio to come to Chicago or Downers Grove, IL to receive my acupuncture treatments from Dr. Wang.”

- JS, Ohio (April 2, 2009)

Foot Edema (Swelling)

Swollen Foot

“Five years ago, I had heart bypass surgery. The doctors harvested two veins from my left leg. My leg developed four Blood Clots which may or may not have caused my problem for the past five years.
For the last five years my left leg, ankle and foot have been swollen. Every time I took a step on my left foot, there was considerable pain. 

My doctors told me there was nothing they could do and I would have to live with the pain.
After the first treatment from Sheng Li Wang, the swelling in my foot and ankle was noticeably reduced. After six visits to Sheng Li Wang, the swelling in my foot is completely gone.

The swelling in my ankle is approximately 75% less. Most importantly, the pain in my foot is 90% less than it was and is now at a very tolerable level. Thank you Master Sheng Li Wang.”

- Jim McEvoy, Roselle, IL


“Knee Pain & Swelling:
Dr. Crystal Wang has successfully treated my knee for pain and swelling when I injured it several different times with acupuncture treatments and gentle massage. My knee is fine now.

When I experienced dizziness, I learned it was due to a sore artery in my neck. Over a period of time and with gentle massage, Dr. Crystal Wang treated it so it is resolved. I no longer experience dizziness. I appreciated her positive attitude and the regular updates she gave me on how I was improving.

Back Pain with Foot/Toe Numbness:
I injured my back while pulling a weed in my yard, whose roots refused to give way. As a result, I experienced back pain near a disc in my spine and corresponding numbness in several of my toes and laterally across the bottom of my foot. Over time, with targeted massage treatments to my back, the numbness in my foot and the soreness in my back went away. I was happy to receive Dr. Crystal Wang’s treatments.

Weak Digestion, Intestinal Distress & Loose Stools:
I followed a vegetarian diet for many years and without realizing it, created digestive problems for myself. I learned from Dr. Crystal Wang through her pulse diagnosis that a vegetarian diet was contraindicated for my body constitution. Thus, I changed my diet to a Chinese warming diet, received regular acupuncture treatments to strengthen my digestion, and took Chinese herbal remedies to remedy the problem. Since correcting this imbalance takes time since there are so many organs involved, I continue to work on it. I am physically much more comfortable, my digestion is much improved, and my stools are more regular. Dr. Crystal Wang’s encouraging optimism and regular status reports in addition to her skilled acupuncture treatments have made all the difference in the world. I am so thankful to have her help and foresee in the future when it will be completely resolved.”

- SM (December 27, 2016)

"Dr. Shengli Wang is the absolute best. He is the most honest person I have ever met; he has the most integrity out of anyone I have ever met, and I trust him implicitly. In my view, he has dedicated himself to medicine in such a way that he has insight no other acupuncturist I've ever used has. He always helps me, talks to me, works with me, etc. 

I have been seeing him for over 3 years now, and there is a dramatic difference in my overall health and well-being. Without him, my current level of health would be impossible. Before I saw Dr. Wang, I could barely do anything: I would spend all day tired, on the couch, with massive brain fog, a massive lack of ambition and an inability to live life properly. It was extremely frustrating to me because I had seen western medicine doctors and other acupuncturists, and they offered little to no help. 

ALL of the western doctors, in fact, only served me to my detriment. Because of Dr. Wang I am now able to work, play, exercise, and enjoy life. I continue to see Dr. Shengli Wang because he is very special, and I believe 100% he will only help me get stronger, happier, and be more successful in life. If you are considering seeing him, I strongly suggest you give him a try for at least a couple of sessions."
- Adam M. (December 2, 2016)

"Shengli Wang has been treating me for various ailments for nearly twenty years. Having spent quite a few years in Asia, I am very comfortable with Eastern medicine, and, during my association with Master Wang, I have been well and successfully treated for a variety of ailments, both musculoskeletal and other health issues.
My first experience with Master Wang was three months after I had sprained my shoulder. Three months of standard Western physical therapy had given me back about seventy percent mobility. Two treatments with Master Wang gave me back one hundred percent mobility. He later treated me for several months for two torn ACLs. I was in my early sixties and not comfortable with surgery. It took some time, but I no longer have pain and have complete mobility.
The couple of times I've carelessly injured my lower back, I combined therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago with Master Wang's treatments. My physical therapist reckoned that combining Western physical therapy with acupuncture and acupressure cut my recovery time by half.
My primary care physician is very comfortable with Master Wang's augmenting Western medicine with Eastern medicine. A lot of conversation is not necessary because Master Wang can see and feel the problem. He has studied a lot of Western medicine and knows the human anatomy, literally, inside and out.
I will continue to rely on Master Wang and Dragon's Life Systems as long as I draw breath; I am grateful to know him as a medical professional and a compassionate person."
- Stephen R. Perrine (December 2, 2016)

"Miraculous, Awesome, Phenomenal, Peaceful, Loving, Caring, Knowledgeable, Healing, Balance... I could go on & on; for all these words and more describe the energy, and healing natures of all involved with Dragon's Life Systems - both in Ravenswood or Downers Grove - from the Master himself Dr. Sheng-Li Wang, his daughter Crystal, and his Office Manager Donna, these folks are among the finest you will ever find. 

To validate these statements, let me tell you a little about myself, and my experiences, both on my own and with Dragon's Life Systems, specifically Dr. Wang; I am a Registered Nurse, licensed and in active practice for the past 23 years, with the last 20 years involved in Emergency & Critical Care (ER & ICU) Medicine. I also am a Reiki Master, Quantum Touch healer, and have been working on my own Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Degree.
My initial meeting with Sheng-Li came about 6 months after Arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus and capsule damage. I had done all the rehab, was back to work and still having terrible pain, that was to have been resolved with surgery. I did not want to continue taking pain pills, and working grueling 12, 14, 15 hours shifts was becoming impossible. This was not only impacting my work life but home life as well, it was miserable. 

Luckily I was driving down Ogden Ave in Downers Grove and saw the office for Dragon's Life Systems, took down the number, called, and made an appointment, and now I use Sheng-Li Wang for everything from muscle aches to cold and flu symptoms with excellent results. It was apparent in my 1st meeting and discussion with Dr. Wang that our philosophies for healing were the same... treat the whole person, Eastern Medicine + Western Medicent together equals the best medicine. 

May I also add, the fee rates are exceptionally reasonable, appointment times are very easy to obtain, and I believe the longest wait I have ever had from arrival to room placement and seeing the practitioner was maybe 20 minutes. Therefore, if you truly want to feel better, and resolve the disease issues you are experiencing, my suggestion is to go see Sheng-Li Wang and start you own positive journey with Dragon's Life Systems."
- Annette M. Clemens

"If you ever want to change your life and your body. Pain anywhere, or you become sick, flu, migraines, sinus issues, broken bones. Dr. Wang has X-Ray eyes. I went to an orthopedic after breaking my elbow, he said therapy for at least 3 months you will never be able to straighten your arm out. Went to Dr. Wang and 2 sessions @ 60.00 each, pain gone, arm straightens and never have had problems since. It has been 2 years. 

I never go to Doctors anymore, I go see him. He also has a location in Downers Grove. His herbs are the best ones and very inexpensive. I would highly highly recommend him and also check out his book in his office of all the people and children he has changed lives for. We are very lucky to have him. Johnny from WGN she goes to him. She had lost her taste buds and smell and know she has both back."
- Acqualady A. Woburn, MA (June 23, 2010)

“My life has seriously changed since I first found Dr. Wang and his little 1" yellow page ad in 2007. I was suffering from insomnia for at least 3 months. I exhausted all other options, and decided to give acupuncture a try. I saw him, had 6 or 8 needles gently stuck into me (there is no pain), was in a dark, quiet room for 30 minutes, paid my $60 and went home and slept for 14 hours straight.

Since then I've seen him for the flu, shoulder pain, stress, back pain (which 2 massage therapists and a chiropractor couldn't fix, and he fixes it in 3 sessions) which ended up being a herniated disc, and a ton of other ailments, and I, along with everyone that I've recommended to see him, have left singing his praises. Screw my $35 co pay to see a doctor who tells me they don't know what is wrong, and here's some meds to make you feel better, when I can see Dr. Wang and be better than I could have imagined without any drugs, and at a similar cost.

He doesn't say much to you, unless you ask. Take a moment. He's a lovely gentleman, and everyone working at Dragon's Life has a good heart and really listen to you to help you get better.

He has a gift. He's the real deal. I wouldn't see anyone other than him. I only wish I could've met him years ago, when my mom was sick with cancer. I know he could've done something for her. 

He has the Ravenswood location Wed, Fri & Sunday... and a Downers Grove location Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. I've driven all the way out to see him in Downers Grove when I couldn't wait another day to see him. And he's always fixed whatever was wrong with me. Give it a try - it will change your life. Really.”

- Ladybird G., Chicago, IL (November 3, 2009)

“Sheng-Li Wang uses compassion and care when choosing the necessary Chinese therapies for each patient. I have experience for myself, and watched other patients recover when like I, they were told ‘no hope’. Natural healing takes longer and is everlasting. One has to be diligent of doing their part with the suggested therapies, herbs, etc. however doing so, one will achieve miraculous results.”

- Debra Carr, Swartz Creek, MI


Headaches / Urinary Frequency and Urgency

“I have been bringing my 83 year old father to see Dr. Wang for several months now. My dad had been having daily headaches for the past 4 years. I had my dad seen by three neurologists as well as an ear, nose and throat specialist. 

After much testing and experimenting with different pain medication there still was no relief. 

After Dr. Wang’s first treatment my dad had immediate relief! A few months later I would say the headaches are about 90% better. After this success, I asked Dr. Wang to address my dad’s urinary symptoms. 

Six years ago he had a prostatectomy for prostate cancer (localized). Over the past year he developed urinary frequency and urgency. 

Conventional medications had too many side effects especially on someone my dad’s age. About three months after treatments by Dr. Wang his symptoms have improved somewhat to the point that outings do not require multiple visits to the restrooms. 

I have also seen his PSA level drop from over 5 down to 1.9. This is without a change of his current medicines.
Overall, I feel Dr. Wang’s treatments and compassion have had a positive effect on my dad’s quality of life. I have referred friends and family to Dr. Wang and will continue to do so.”

- A.M., M.D. (November 2009)


“My Name is Anthony and I want to thank you for the continuous care that you have provided me for the past four years. One of the numerous treatments that you have provided me with is for my migraines.
I had suffered with these terrible debilitating headaches for years with no relief. I was treated with biofeedback, Imitrex, numerous over the counter drugs, and other treatments. All of these treatments had no effect.  

My headaches were caused by many triggers, stress, environmental, etc.
If you have ever suffered from these severe headaches, you have
probably wished that you could cut off your head to ease the suffering. I often felt this way.
After a three day bout with a migraine with no relief from anything I tried, I went to see Dr. Wang. Twenty minutes into his treatment, I no longer had any nausea, and I felt somewhat better. When the treatment was done, I was 100% better. This was a miracle for me.
Over time, I got more migraines, and Dr. Wang’s treatments were (and are the only source of relief that works for me). With each treatment, the frequency and duration of my migraines decreased. I am happy to report that now I rarely get migraines thanks to Dr. Wang. Thank you Dr. Wang!”

- Anthony Tyus (January 12, 2011)

Hearing Loss / Morton's Neuroma

Ear Nerve Damage 

“I became a client of Sheng-Li Wang in early summer, 2008. I sought his help to restore my hearing my right ear after the specialist doctors at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke Hospital said there was nothing more they could do for me after treatment with medication and surgery because I had nerve damage. 

After a few months of acupuncture and herbs, my hearing was slowly restored. Encouraged by the remarkable outcome, I consulted Dr. Wang about pain and numbness in left hand resulting from carpal tunnel surgery ten years ago, and numbness and pain in the fingers on my right hand was relieved by treatment with acupuncture to the vertebra in my neck.
Shortly after that I experienced pain in both feet due to the return of the Morton’s Neuroma that was previously removed by surgery five years ago. I am almost completely pain free since Dr. Wang has started to treat this. In the recent couple of months I have been feeling discomfort in the stomach area. 

With acupuncture and herbs the pain and discomfort have been greatly relieved. I attribute the improved state of my health and the quality of my lifestyle to the fine treatment I received from Sheng-Li Wang. He is a very knowledgeable healer with a very kind and gentle manner.
The other members of his staff are pleasant, thoughtful, and helpful people who seem to care for the interest of the patients’ well-being. I have met quite a few other patients who have success stories about health being restored by their treatment from Dr. Wang.”

- D.M.Z. Chicago, IL (July 14, 2009)


Liver Story

“About 4 months ago, I was jaundiced, I could not eat very much without feeling sick, my entire body itched like crazy, I had little lesions everywhere, my urine turned dark suddenly, my stools were pale in color, and I thought I felt fine except a I was a little tired, but obviously, something was seriously wrong. 

I went to immediate care since I did not even have a regular doctor and my liver enzyme readings were 1900!!

They said scary words to me, like hepatitis! I wound up in the office of a gastroenterologist who wanted me to have a liver biopsy which in my estimation was a pretty risky test.

 He suspected I had auto-immune hepatitis but needed the biopsy to make a definitive diagnosis. He gave me a prescription to help relieve the itching that only made me very tired and did not help the itch.
At this time, I heard about Master Wang from a chiropractor I go to from time to time who said her husband has liver issues and Master Wang has helped him a lot. I immediately made an appointment and he seemed very confident that acupuncture and Chinese herbs would be successful in bringing my liver back into balance. 

The itching that had been keeping me awake lessened and disappeared within a week. I had appointments three times a week for a month and then had my blood retested. 

My liver enzymes were now at 475!!! I was ecstatic! I continued with my acupuncture and herbs and was tested monthly with reading decreasing by half each time. 

My most recent reading was 83 and I had another appointment with the gastroenterologist to see what his opinion was now of my progress and condition. He said I likely have non-alcoholic fatty liver hepatitis and not auto immune hepatitis. 

He recommended I should continue what I was doing in addition to eating a low fat, low cholesterol diet and we will continue to monitor my blood to be sure it stays normal when I get there, which should be next month. 

I am so grateful to Master Wang for providing a successful, non-invasive, drug-free treatment for me.”

- Pam Larkin, Loves Park, IL (July 2, 2009)

High Blood Pressure / Skin Cancer / Scratched Cornea

Acupuncture Results

“I was suffering from serious lower back pain. For relief of the pain, I tried massage of the lower back, physical therapy, exercises, taking over the counter pain medication, and more to reduce and eliminate the pain. 

I experienced relief but it was temporary. Nothing gave me permanent relief of the pain. I heard about acupuncture but did not know much about the procedure. 

I heard about Sheng-Li Wang at Dragon's Life Systems in Downers Grove and the successes he achieved treating various ailments. Deciding I had little to lose and something to gain, I went to Sheng-Li Wang for treatments. After my first treatment, I did not feel any improvement in
my pain levels. 

The next day, I experienced tingling on the right side of my body, from my foot to my ear. I thought it was my body's reaction to the treatment. 

The next day, I returned to Sheng-Li Wang and he measured my blood pressure. It was 160 over 100, much higher than usual. 

At that point, because of the seriousness of the tingling and high blood pressure, Mr. Wang began to treat my high blood pressure rather than the lower back pain.

I went to the next acupuncture treatment and my blood pressure started to decrease. Mr. Wang also recommended that I take two herbs three times per day to help reduce to pressure. 

The tingling finally stopped after my fifth treatment. At the tenth acupuncture treatment, my blood pressure had dropped to 121 over 80.
I asked Sheng-Li Wang to continue the acupuncture treatments for my lower back pain. After seven treatments, the pain is significantly reduced.”

- B.J. Pepping, Illinois (August 25, 2012)

“Master Wang does more to keep my 92-year old mother healthy than any doctor in the traditional healthcare system. 

Before she was under his care, her blood pressure was erratic and she made frequent trips to the hospital. Now she needs only half the dosage of her blood pressure medicine.
Before Master Wang treated her, my mom did not have any energy and had trouble even getting out of a chair. She is now more mobile and able to get up and down - slowly but surely - from a sitting position. 

She even was able to climb to the second story of my home last summer, something I thought she never could do again. When she began treatment with Master Wang, my mother had large sores on her shins because of poor circulation. 

Those have healed completely. Last winter, she was diagnosed with skin cancer by a Western doctor and that doctor cauterized some tissue near her hairline. 

He did not touch a growth on her nose because he said it was too large an area. Master Wang treated that area with acupuncture and the growth rapidly and completely disappeared.
This spring, my mother had somehow scratched her cornea. Her ophthalmologist could measure the scratch but his ointments were ineffective. Master Wang treated her and the scratch healed.
Master Wang also treats her ongoing minor illness, such as flu. Several times when her stomach was upset and she was vomiting or when she was too weak to move, Wang treated her and she recovered in a few hours.
Without Master Wang’s treatments, my mother would be doing what she had been doing before his work - making time - and energy-consuming trips to sit in a doctor’s office only to receive a prescription or tests and no truly helpful care. 

Now she is cared for and she feels cared for by a practitioner
who understands the real causes of her maladies and can treat
them effectively.”

- Carol Sadtler (October 14, 2009)

High Cholesterol

Lowered Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

“I am 72 years old this year. Four years ago when I was 68 years old, the doctors diagnosed me with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, they immediately prescribed pills for me to take for both the cholesterol and blood pressure. 

I go for blood test to check the levels of my cholesterol and blood pressure every 3 months. Even though my cholesterol and blood pressure have been under control with medications (lowered but not within the normal range), I realized that the dosage of the medications increases every time I see the doctor (every 3 months).
My husband and I have been seeing Master Wang for a few years now (neck pain, back pain, headache, flu, etc.). My husband also has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and he has been taking medications to control the levels for 22 years. 

One year ago, my husband started treatments with Master Wang to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. As of now (3/21/2012), my husband has not been taking any pills (for cholesterol and blood pressure) for 6 months, and his cholesterol and blood pressure are back to normal.
When I saw the incredible results of Master Wang's treatments on
my husband, I realize that I do not want to take medication for the rest of my life; I want Master Wang to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure as well.
Three months ago (12/15/2011) was when I first started to see Master Wang for lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure. On 12/10/2011, my blood test showed that my triglyceride level was 233 and my LDL level was 144. 

Since I started treatment with Master Wang, I have been slowly decreasing the dosage of my medications. 

On 3/10/2012, I received another blood test, and the result showed that both my cholesterol (triglyceride level was 189, LDL level was 100) and blood pressure are normal. 

I truly feel that Master Wang will be able to help me stop relying on medications completely, just like how he helped my husband. Thank you Master Wang.”

- Joan H. (March 21, 2012)


“My husband and I decided to have a child in 2004. The conception, pregnancy and labor all went well and just as expected. When our son was 15 months old, we decided to try for our second child. We conceived the first month we tried. 

Unfortunately, the baby was measuring a week behind what he/she
should have been and I miscarried at around nine weeks. According to
my OB/GYN, two-thirds of all pregnancies do not make it to term and he was not alarmed. He recommended that we wait three months before trying again. 

We followed his recommendation and were again able to conceive the first month we tried. This baby was also measuring smaller than he/she should have and for the second time in six months, I miscarried before nine weeks. 

This time the tissue was sent for genetic testing. The results came back 46XX, which was either a girl with all her chromosomes or it was my tissue that was tested. 

My OB/GYN sent us to a fertility specialist. We attempted three IUI cycles without success. The first IVF cycle was successful and after eight weeks, I was released to my OB/GYN. Unfortunately, there was no heartbeat and I again miscarried before nine weeks. 

The tissue sample came back 46XX. After three months, I was back with the fertility specialist. Throughout the time with the specialist, every test came back normal. No was able to pinpoint a cause for the miscarriages beyond being over 35 years old.
A friend of mine suggested acupuncture. During the second IVF embryo transfer, I asked my doctor his opinion about it. Everyone in the room (the doctor, embryologist, and nurses) said, “Can’t hurt.” The policy in their office was not to suggest acupuncture unless the patient brought it up. 

Although it is ideal to begin acupuncture prior to embryo transfer, I began the process three times per week with Sheng Li Wang. The IVF cycle was again successful. 

For the first time since the three prior pregnancies, I was able to carry a child beyond nine weeks. I wish I had been aware of acupuncture earlier.

Perhaps, I would not have miscarried three times. With Sheng Li Wang’s assistance, I was able to maintain this pregnancy to term and gave birth to beautiful baby boy!! We are extremely thankful!”

- Christine B.

“My husband and I started trying to conceive in January 2004. We
didn’t become pregnant until April 2007 and our son was born in December 2007.
Once my husband and I came to and passed the “normal” six-month recommended time allowance for conception, I started doing research: We did what all the books said and altered our diets, reduced our alcohol consumption (which wasn’t very high to begin with), I monitored my body temperature (Basal Body Temperature Method) and nothing worked!
I read some information that said acupuncture and Chinese herbs can improve your chances of becoming pregnant with assisted reproduction treatment. We went to Sheng-Li Wang’s office then my husband and I found a fertility center. 

This fertility center was supportive of the idea of couples using acupuncture and Chinese herbs in addition to assisted
reproduction techniques.
We decided only to have three IUI treatments and nothing more. If we still didn’t conceive, we would then talk about adoption or living without a child of our own. Fortunately, it never came to that: the first IUI treatment was unsuccessful. 

The following month we had the second IUI treatment and that one was successful. I asked the infertility doctor how common it was for an IUI to “take” after only two attempts and she said it was very uncommon and she suggested that the acupuncture and herbs contributed to his success.
I continued the acupuncture with Sheng-Li Wang for the duration of my pregnancy and had no complications and minimal discomfort during the pregnancy; my labor and delivery was quick and easy – it lasted 7-1/2 hours from start to finish. 

The labor and delivery nurse at the hospital was surprised at how quickly it had progressed especially since this was my first child. Our son was small (just under 6 lbs) and three weeks early but he is health and growing more each day!
I credit Sheng-Li Wang and his staff for helping us achieves a pregnancy without any complications as well as an easy labor and delivery, with the end result being a very healthy baby boy! Thank you for everything.”

- Karen

“We'd tried two in-vitro fertilization treatments with no success before our doctors recommended Dr. Wang. We saw Dr. Wang two or three times before the next implant, and guess what? Our beautiful twin girls were born before Thanksgiving. Thank you Dr. Wang.”

- David and Sandy, North Shore


“My name is Angela Florczak and I had insomnia for 25 yrs. I have been to many doctors that did not know what to do with me. Recently, I went to a neurologist that specializes in sleep disorders, and did a sleep lab. 

He told me I had “alpha intrusions,” and did not know why my brain did this. But would put me on ant seizure medications or antidepressants to help me sleep.
Thank goodness, I said no and found Sheng-Li Wang. Within 2 months, I was sleeping without any drugs for the first time in 25 yrs.

I also sent my daughter for insomnia problems and Sheng-Li Wang helped her also sleep.”

- Angela Florczak (October 27, 2009)

Interstitial Cystitis

“I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis two years ago, and my
primary care Doctor referred me to an Urologist who after doing a few tests could not find the specific problem or what was causing it. And to this date, do not think anyone has been able to determine what causes interstitial cystitis.
Now, after taking three different medications three times a day, a total of nine pills daily, for two years; I could not find any relief. My symptoms got better in the beginning, but after a while they started all over again. 

A friend told me about Dr. Wang, and waited a few more months hoping the medicine would help me again, but without any change to my symptoms I called and made my first appointment.
After starting the Acupuncture treatment along with the herbs, I immediately started to feel some improvement and can tell you I am symptoms free!

I watch my diet to make sure I do not eat anything that will irritate my bladder, and now am able to eat fruits after they were eliminated from my diet. Dr. Wang has helped me so much. 

I feel much better and I do not have the very uncomfortable symptoms and the frequency that make my activities of daily life a challenge. Thanks again to Dr. Wang. I hope he continues to help more people like me.”

- YCS Naperville, IL (October 29, 2009)

Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure / Diabetes

“In July 2009, I was diagnosed with COPD. Two weeks after the diagnosis, I got an infection in my right knee, which eventually spread throughout my body. During hospitalization, I succumbed to complete kidney failure, for which I went for Dialysis twice per week for 2 months.

During that period, I also suffered from severe foot pain which was diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. 

In addition, I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I continued to experience painful muscle spasms in both of my arms, legs, feet, and hands throughout the 2 months of hospitalization. My hands were so painful, I was not able to even hold a phone or drive the car.
Then, I found Dr. Sheng-Li Wang at Dragon’s Life Systems the end of May 2010. After 4 visits of acupuncture treatments, my neuropathy and muscle spasms had simply gone away.

In fact, during one visit to see Dr. Sheng-Li Wang, I experienced a terrible muscle cramp in my hand. After I arrived at the office, Dr. Sheng-Li Wang inserted one needle in my hand, which immediately relieved the cramp and I never experienced that again. 
After 3 months of acupuncture treatments, not only did I not have any more muscle pain or cramps, but there is no more neuropathy in the feet, and my sleeping has improved. I feel much healthier and have a better outlook on life as a whole. 

In December of 2010, after 6 months of seeing Dr. Sheng-Li Wang, I had another blood test done, and my kidney function went from 36% to 46%. My doctors were very impressed. I can’t thank Dr. Sheng-Li Wang enough for what he has done for me.”

- T.C.B

Kidney Failure Can Be Reversed!

“February 23, 2009, I was told by my Doctor that my Kidney function has gone down to 14%, and I will have to go on Dialysis. He set an appointment up for me, with their dialysis educator, and gave me the list of Transplant Hospitals, in the Chicago area. 

When I enquired if I had any hope of my kidney function returning,
he told me “I don't want to take away any ones hope, but I don't expect your Kidneys to get any better." I'm 53 years old, and I don't want to go through this.
Desperate and nowhere to turn, I was referred to Dr. Sheng Li Wang, with Dragon Life Systems. After a consultation, I agreed to let him help me. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, that takes 30 minutes, 3 times a week. He has given me some herbal medication, along with a special Herbal Tea, Diet, and mild exercise. My kidney function has improved up to 26% in just 5 weeks.
In addition to my Kidneys working better, I have had other areas of my health improve. I have lost 26lbs. I am an insulin dependent diabetic. My insulin requirements were approximately 40 units, every time I ate. Sometimes less, sometimes more. 

Since seeing Dr. Wang, in addition to better eating habits, I have cut down my insulin to an average of 4 units, per meal, sometimes, I don't use the insulin. I also require the use of Oxygen, due to a paralyzed diaphragm. 

An illness I was sent to Mayo Clinic for diagnosis and treatment. Since seeing Dr. Wang my Oxygen requirements have dramatically improved, and my usage has lessened.
Why someone wouldn't try this, is beyond me. This may not work for you. But, What if it does? If you have a serious illness, with no place left to turn, why you wouldn't give yourself a chance, by choosing an alternative Medicine plan, by a Proven healer like Dr. Sheng Li Wang.
To any skeptic, this is what I know. Had I listened to my Doctor. I would be an Oxygen dependent over weight 53 year old male. Going to dialysis 3 times a week, for 4 hours each time. 

Shooting my body with insulin, with a very limited diet, with only sips of water to look forward to. Now in my 6th week, I look forward to the future, and my health continuing to improve.
I can't thank Dr. Sheng Li Wang, and Donna enough. You have really changed and impacted my Life. You are a True Healer!”

 - Anonymous


Bulging Disc

“In December 2012, I injured my back. An MRI showed two bulging discs and an erupted disc at L5. I visited various doctors and was told that surgery may be necessary. 

The pain was intense, disabling. I couldn't sit at all and I could only lie on my back. I could not walk or stand without pain. The doctors prescribed high level pain medications which were useful but just masked the pain.
I am a plaintiff's personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer and believe, given all that I have seen, that it is best to avoid surgery if at all possible and try and help the body heal naturally. 

A friend recommended Mr. Wang. I started seeing Mr. Wang three times a week and after about three months, the pain was greatly relieved. It is now June and I continue to go once every 1 * 2 weeks and the pain is almost gone. 

I take only Advil occasionally and can walk and sit without pain. Mr. Wang's acupuncture saved me from surgery. I hope he can also help you.”

- Valerie Leopold (June 10, 2013)

Vertebrae Pain Relieved

“On Friday, October 31, 2008, I woke up in excruciating pain that was coming from mostly my lower back and down my right leg. My husband took me to the emergency room. 

By the time I was seen I was in so much pain I was crying. They gave me pain medication through an I.V. They then took some x-rays of my back. 

When the x-rays came back, the doctor explained to my husband and I that some of my vertebrae had shifted, resulting in some of the spaces between the vertebrae being too far apart or too close together, and that I had a bulging disc on my right side. 

He suggested that I follow up with my MD and sent me home with
some pain killers. Because of the pain medication I was temporarily rid of the pain.
The next day I woke up feeling even more pain than the day before. My husband suggested that I go back to the emergency room, but I felt that all they would do would fill me up with pain medication again. 

I called my brother who had spoken about a center that he had brought his wife that helped her with her back pain. By the time I got to Master Sheng-Li Wang, I was once again in excruciating pain. 

He introduced himself, and I found him to be kind, gentle and patient. Because of being in so much pain I was so fearful of even lying on the table afraid that I would not be able to get off the table due to the pain. 

After receiving the acupuncture treatment the pain was relieved by 50% and I was able to get off the table with very little discomfort. Today I can move freely with very little pain. I continue to receive treatments in hopes to be completely pain free.
Master Wang has also treated me with acupuncture and herbs successfully for other things that have come up. I am truly grateful and thankful to have had him come to my life.”

- Nicky Grafer

Facial Pain

“For 10 years, I suffered with random severe pain in the upper left quadrant of my face. I looked everywhere for relief and found none until I met Dr. Sheng-Li Wang.
Thousands of dollars were spent over the 10 years with different types of doctors and unsuccessful treatments. I went to my primary care physician, chiropractor, massage therapists, dentist, endodontist, and ENT.

I had migraine medicines, sinus scans, brain MRI, dental x-rays, nighttime dental appliance, and a cocaine stick. Yes, the ENT put a cocaine stick up my nose!!! I kept logs of the pain to try to notice a pattern.

Nothing helped. Then, I found Dr. Wang. I went to see him on a day when I was having severe pain. He checked my pulse and looked at my tongue.

He said I would feel better before I left. Sure enough, after about 30 minutes, my pain was almost completely gone!!!! What did this brilliant and gifted man diagnose in just a few seconds that others couldn’t figure out in 10 years??
Well, my facial pain had nothing to do with my face or teeth. Instead, the pain was a symptom of a digestion problem. “Cold” foods are “bad” for me. Now, I can control the pain through my diet and when needed, an inexpensive supplement.
I am so thankful that I found Dr. Wang. Donna, who works in the office, is also an invaluable resource for diet and supplement information.”

- Sonia M. (January 27, 2011)

Foot Pain

“My left foot has been swollen and in extreme pain since May of 2011. I have been to 4 different western doctors and taken 3 different x-rays of my left foot. The doctors told me the pain and the swelling was due to gout. After 2.5 months of testing, my left foot was still swollen and the pain was unbearable.

In fact, the pain was so intense at the time that if the doctors were to tell me to remove the toes to alleviate the pain, I would have done it. I came across Master Wang of Dragon’s Life Systems from Steve & Johnnie on WGN. During my first visit, Master Wang was able to tell what was wrong with my left foot just by looking for a few seconds.

He told me the swelling on my ankle was due to out of place bones in my left foot. (The western doctors did not address the swelling on my ankle as a separate problem from the gout.

How could 3 doctors take 3 sets of x-rays and not see the bones were out of place?) I have been receiving treatment from Master Wang 3 times a week for 3 weeks as of August 20, 2011 and the swelling and pain in my left foot have significantly reduced.
At the time of this writing, both feet are looking even better. On a separate note, my toe-nails on both feet that used to be yellow are also returning to the normal color. 
I am extremely happy with the results. I was able to wear shoes for the first time in over four mouths. Thank you, Steve & Johnnie on WGN, for introducing Master Wang to me. Thank you Master Wang.”

- Art Fox, Minooka, IL (September 5, 2011)

“I have had difficulty with my feet for years, they burn and are tender. When I walk the pain is terrible. I went to many doctors and had only temporary relief. I got shots frequently for the pain. 

At times I could hardly work. I heard of Dr. Wang and hoped he might help after 5 visits my pain is almost gone. I am so thankful.”

- M. Hayes (April 17, 2009)

Heel Spur

“I am writing to express my great satisfaction with the Acupuncture treatment that I received for bone spurs in both of my heels. I am a registered nurse, and of course alternative therapy is not part of the medical model; surgery is the medical solution. 

I had utilized Acupuncture in the past for back pain and got quick resolution. The number of sessions I needed for the bone spurs took longer - 20 sessions total.
I completed the therapy a month ago and I still as pain-free! Before any treatment, I could barely walk when I got out of bed, now I have no pain whatsoever. Sheng Li Wang was highly recommended to me, and I will recommend him to any one with problems.”

- Becky Goldberg (August 26, 2009)

Jaw Dislocation / Sprained Hand

“Recently, I was in an accident that resulted trauma to my jaw and hand. For four days I could not open my mouth more than an inch. 

Neither could I use my hand in any constructive way. I could not touch the tips of my fingers together or hold any object in my right hand. A friend suggested I see Master Sheng-Li Wang. I made an appointment that day.
After one treatment I could make a fist without discomfort. Within three treatments I could open my jaw fully. The doctor in the Emergency Room told me it would take weeks to recover. Within one week I had full mobility of my hand and jaw. It was wonderful.”

- Stacy Adamek (August 2009)

Knee Instability

“I have a stretched ligament in my knee that sometimes allows my knee bones to slide out of place. The summer chores of gardening and mowing took a toll on it and it swelled up like a balloon.

Master Wang did some gentle manipulation of my knee the first time and brought the swelling down by half, instantly. Needless to say, I was impressed. After two more treatments, I can say my knee is normal again.

Now it is up to me to strengthen the muscles that support the knee so that does not happen again. But if it does, I know who to see!”

- Pam Larkin, Loves Park, IL (July 2, 2009)

Knee Pain

“When I tell friends that Sheng Li Wang is a miracle worker, they just smile. But it is true. I have had intense pain in my knees on several occasions over the last six years.

The pain often comes on quickly and not due to an injury. On one occasion, I just awakened with it. 

There have been times I could barely work. Before coming the first time to Dragon's Life Systems, I had purchased a cane and could barely put any weight on my knee at all. After one session, I walked out of the office without the cane.
Since then, I have returned whenever I have pain. My most recent visits were for shoulder pain that felt exactly like a rotator cuff injury which I have had in the past. 

I know an orthopedic doctor would have either given me a shot of painkillers or recommended surgery. Dr. Wang did 4 sessions and the pain is gone completely.
Each time I have gone to see him for treatments; the pain is immediately diminished and eventually disappears altogether. That is why I say... he is a miracle worker.”

- Malou Roth, Downers Grove, IL (July 10, 2012)

“All I can say is this has been somewhat, no not somewhat but, has been a miracle for me. I walked into Dragon's Life Systems, no one knew me and I did not know them.

I didn't even fill out a patient form. Sheng-Li Wang came into the waiting room and said you can come in. I went into the room. He felt my knee and by doing this he told me EXACTLY what was wrong with it.
I had been to 3 orthopedic surgeons, had x-rays taken and MRI's. All 3 of them said there was nothing they could do but knee replacement. 

I had huge bakers cyst in the back of my knee, my knee kept popping out of place, nerve damage, meniscus tear, and degenerative arthritis. I could hardly walk as I was in so much pain. I started using a cane at home. 

Putting my foot to the ground hurts my knee. No grocery store shopping, no mall shopping, and a very difficult time sleeping. I could not bend my knee, or sleep on my stomach due to putting pressure on my knee cap.
I am like new now!!! I had 16 visits with Master Wang; I have never met anyone with these abilities. He is a Master of healing. He definitely has a tremendous and indescribable gift within that he shares with his patients. Thank you so much for making me better.”

- Billie Guinta (September 22, 2011)

“My name is Jackie Walsh that has been a patient of Dr. Wang for about 10 years. It all began when I had my second arthroscopic knee surgery.
My knee not only did not heal properly after that, it did not respond positively to physical therapy. 

My doctor who performed my surgery, suggested many anti-inflammatories, which I knew would probably not work for me and did not, it had the opposite effect on my body, my knees swelled more.

I was in so much excruciating pain, he then prescribed a pain medicine, which only masked the problem and only took away half of the pain. I knew the med's would only exasperate the condition, but I was feeling desperate and hopeless.

My knees were swollen the size of a cantaloupe, all filled with fluid and resulting in unbearable pain in every step I took. I had contracted fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease 17 years ago and had gone and been treated by many very good holistic and eastern practitioners. 

With all the fabulous people who had treated me, there still was not an answer of how to heal my condition. With all auto-immune illnesses, the commonality is the body is working against or fighting against the natural way your body is to function, repair and heal itself. 

I was sitting in my kitchen for days on end, looking up on my computer for an acupuncturist, but more than that, I knew in my gut I also needed a person who was a healer. 

I do believe in them and knew they existed and when I came across Dr. Wang’s web site and read his philosophy, his type of acupuncture, his own created manipulation style and he taught and practiced Qi-gong, I innately knew this was the one person, healer, that would know what was wrong, what was causing it, what had to be done and cure me and Dr. Wang did just that. 
When I consulted and received my first treatment, he told me my knees had been injured by past and older injuries. At that time I had just gotten cured from the fibromyalgia, however, my body was still overall weaker than the average healthy body.

 I also, over the past 5 years prior had received at least 10 or more cortisone injections at the knee site, which he told me contributed to weakening the entire knee area. 

I knew this had that side effect, however, when you are desperate for answers and relief, won't we all go to extremes to get relief even though we know it could have a residual bad effect later, which it did for me. 

Dr. Wang would give me an acupuncture treatment on each knee then would do whatever manipulation was required on that given visit. I don't recall how long it took for the knees to be completely healed, less than 6 months of an entire life worth of injuries, that's amazing in itself and incredible for the my body which is auto-immune pre-disposed. 

I was walking better than I had since I was in my 30's and I was about 47 when I was receiving treatments, now 56. I thank-you Dr. Wang for this is truly a miracle for healing a condition that no one else was able to treat, heal and cure. 
At the same time, my 5 year old Yorkshire terrier was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and his prognosis was not good by his vet. I have 4 dogs and love them all dearly and I was crushed such a young, vibrant and small dog was so sick and helpless. I knew Dr. 

Wang’s wife performed acupressure. So, I started bringing my dog, Scottie is his name, (my son named him after Scottie Pippen, formerly a Chicago bull) once a week for an entire year. When the session was completed by his wife and I was still in my room being treated, (a family affair for sure) Dr. Wang would place his healing hands on my dog.

When I took my dog to get his yearly echo-cardiogram, the specialist marveled, was stumped and couldn’t believe that with no medication or surgery my dog was completely healed. His heart was of normal size.

Thank-you Dr. Wang and his wife, again, you both saved my dog's life, you are both miracle workers...I continued to go once a week for acupuncture treatments as maintenance for my body.

I know the body gets blockages and acupuncture brings the healing energy throughout your entire body to bring it back into harmony. I would be treated for the years following, for ribs having a small tear or swollen, upper neck disc pull from an old injury, many pulled muscles and tendons in my back, and small tears of ligaments in my legs and knees and calf areas. All injuries were treated and cured by Dr. Wang...

A year, almost to the day, I got my fibromyalgia back and also I injured one of my lower vertebrae disc. A herniated disc, I was in unbelievable pain. The fibromyalgia came back like it did the first time, swelling in my feet, ankles, calves and knees, with great tightness, weakness, spasming and I also had a knee injury in one and a tear of a ligament in the other, every time I took a step on either foot, extreme leg pain and weakness, always fearing of falling, which was happening frequently in the first 6 years of my fibromyalgia. 

From the herniated disc injury, every time I took a step on the floor, it shot up from the middle back part of my left foot, up the back and side of my left leg to my seat... It was beyond describable pain and thank you Dr. Wang with his skill and healing powers, I’m almost healed again.

I will always be a patient of Dr. Wang’s and no words could express my sincere feelings of gratitude for not only what he has done for healing all of my body illnesses and injuries over the past years, also for his dedication to help and heal all people that seek his healing powers, you are truly one of a kind. Thank you always!”

- Jackie Walsh

Pinched Nerve

“January 2009: I began to have a burning pain up and down my arm which was much worse during the night. The pain woke me up 2-3 times, at first, and then began to keep me up. There was no relief. My arm felt like it was on fire.
February 2009: The pain did not relent, especially during the night. Sometimes I cried because of how unrelenting it was. I went to my general physician and they said I had a “pinched nerve” and gave me some muscle relaxants which did little to help my pain. 

I also had an MRI which showed that I had cervical arthritis (neck). I began going to a massage therapist once a week.
March 2009: The pain saga continued. I went to yoga (I was trying to keep my neck limber) and asked my instructor if he knew of an acupuncturist and he gave me Dr. Sheng-Li Wang’s name and address. 

I came into his office for my first appointment and I described my pain and he said “I know where it comes from and he touched two areas on my cervical spine.” I began the treatments three times a week. The first time he touched the “hot spots” around my neck area, I thought I was going to fall off the table. 

After the first treatment I slept better the first night. He also told me to stop the yoga and massage, which I did. After the first week of treatment I found my symptoms would begin to return just before the next treatment so I began to look forward to them because I knew there would be relief. My pain eased week after week.
April: I continued my treatments which consisted of acupuncture and a gentle manipulation of the cervical area of my spine. My symptoms were almost gone by this point. I went to have an EMG and there was no longer any pinched nerve.
May: I think my treatments stopped for the pain, since I was pain free! I began treatment for chronic asthma, but that is a different story.
I went hiking in Austria in August for a week, for up to 5-6 hours a day and carried a 25 pound pack and slept on the floor of a Hutte and also on a slim mattress. No pain and no discomfort.

I am now doing yoga again. I have the quality of my life and my sleep back, thanks to Dr. Sheng-Li Wang.”

- Patrice E. Macken, Oak Brook

Ruptured Disc

“In October 2006 I fell 6’ from a ladder breaking the heel and cracking the tibia plateau of my left leg. 

The fall also damaged my lower spine at L4, L5, and S1 causing disc and nerve damage which presented itself at a later date. In 2006, believing surgery would be of marginal if any benefit, the orthopedic surgeon put my leg in a cast, continually saying for 5 mos. the dark plumb foot with blood pooling from poor circulation was normal. 

Once mobile to travel, I sought the services of Sheng Li Wang. In 2008, a drop foot on the opposite foot from the lower spine nerve compression presented itself. Saying not much could be done, the neurologist I consulted offered exercises and an ankle or leg brace.
From Master Wang’s work, the nerve compression at L4 and L5 is now free, and the foot drop is now a thing of the past.

I no longer have a shooting pain down my leg from the ruptured discs plus the foot that was broken has natural color, and full circulation. I walk freely without assistance.
My journey with Master Wang originally began in 1993, after suffering head and neck injuries nine years prior. Working gently with my body’s energies, plus incorporating various Chinese therapies, he helped me to regain a full life when Western Medicine, (including Mayo clinic) could only offer ‘to keep me comfortable’ (drug therapy). 

Every appointment and mile driven from Mid-MI for the past 16 years has been well worth the time and investment.
Sheng-Li Wang uses compassion and care when choosing the necessary Chinese therapies for each patient. I have experienced for myself, and watched other patients recover when like I, they were told ‘no hope’. Natural healing takes longer and is everlasting. 

One has to be diligent of doing their part with the suggested therapies, herbs, etc. however doing so; one will achieve miraculous results.”

- Debra Carr Swartz Creek, MI


“I want to express my deep gratitude to Sheng-Li Wang for his treatment of my sciatica. I have been blessed in being healthy for the past 15 years and rarely had anything more than a cold or mild flu. 

But this sciatica, as anyone who has experienced it, is accompanied by extreme and severe pain that finds no relief.
My first call was to my internist who saw me immediately and prescribed a typical regiment of anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer. He is a wonderful doctor and very attentive, but as we know, the orientation of western medicine is usually drug related.
A friend at my office emailed me the contact information for the Master Wang and I was thrilled to have the referral. At the first instant, Master Wang is kind, reassuring and attentive. From the first treatment, I knew this was the place for me to find relief.
With each subsequent visit, my pain lessened and my improvement was real. I could sleep through the night and my days began to be pain free.

Over the course of 2 weeks, I was regaining my life again. As anyone who suffers from debilitating pain knows, this is the best gift. Thank you so very much.”

- Susan Z (September 18, 2009)

“A few months ago, I injured my lower back. My family doctor prescribed many strong painkillers and told me to rest for a few months. 

Being wary of the medication’s side effects, I sought alternative, non-invasive treatment.
A few friends strongly recommended Sheng-Li Wang for relief from back pain. On my very first visit, Sheng-Li Wang told me I had three problems. He told me more during that first visit than my family doctor or chiropractor ever did.
One problem I had was sciatica. I was suspected that I had this problem based on my symptoms. After my first visit with Sheng-Li Wang, I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in two months! After three or four visits, the sciatica pain was gone. It was amazing how quickly I healed
Prior to my first visit, I would wake up at 3am every night in excruciating pain. I refused to take the prescription medication, and the Tylenol and ice packs did very little to relieve the pain. It was so hard to find a comfortable resting position. 

Even during the day, I had a hard time finding a suitable sitting position at my desk at work. I used a pillow to support my back!
I would highly recommend Sheng-Li Wang for the treatment of pain. He is very perceptive and genuinely interested in helping you find relief. 

He knows the human body very well, and can accurately pinpoint your problem without you, the patient, saying a word! I am very glad my friends recommended him. He is the reason I can sleep through the night and sit comfortably during the day.”

- Eyleen Hawkins

Tail Bone Pain

“About a year ago I started having constant pain in my tailbone. I had X-ray’s that did not show anything was wrong. They gave me a topical cream and told me to rub it on the area which did absolutely no good. 

Pain medicine did absolutely nothing. I would sit on ice packs to numb the pain. My boss suggested acupuncture and that it helped her as well as her mother. I just shrugged it off until one day in early August I found myself crying in the supermarket parking lot from the pain and thinking how this is affecting my everyday life.

With that I drove straight to Dragon’s Life Systems as a last resort. I told Master Wang my trouble and he took me in right away and assured me he could help. When I left I could not believe the relief I felt. The pain was much less only after the first treatment.
Now a month later and I am 80% better. Now I understand why acupuncture has been around for so long.

I can go out and enjoy myself again instead of sitting on a block of ice every night. Thank you Master Wang.”

- Kathy V., Oak Brook, IL (September 5, 2013)

Tendonitis of Elbow / Tear in Calf

“The reason for this letter is to document my gratitude for your healing processes. Over the past three years you have successfully attended to acute issues with such swift aplomb it is north short of AMAZING! The first trauma you addressed was a tear in my left calf, now for a Marathoner this is a serious injury!

After having visited different Doctors (traditional) and a kinesiotherapist, and two massage therapists over a five week period of time, and with only TWO WEEKS to the race, it was recommended I come to see YOU! 

With just FOUR treatments prior to the race (yes I was able to finish and only moderate pain) and a few more visits after the competition, the calf was back to perfect!
The more serious (and demoralizing) injury has been a chronic tendonitis in my left (golf) elbow. Yes, I am a golfer, as you are, it seems as though the repeated divots have raised havoc with my elbow. 

When the pain increased since last fall, to now, where I couldn’t
open a door with my left hand back I came to see you (Don’t know why
I waited!!!). 

With six treatments over four weeks, I am playing golf again almost completely pain free. The sensitivity in the elbow will certainly be fixed with the next 2-3 treatments you have recommended. 

It is amazing to play golf, without a forearm band, without fear of striking the ground and with the confidence necessary to make a proper pass at the ball!
It is an honor to have met you and should you EVER have a patient or potential patient that is skeptical of your ability, please feel free to show them this letter, if that is insufficient, my phone number is bellow and they may contact me directly.

 Again, I thank you for your gentle personality, professional demeanor
and your dedication to your vocation. And HOW do you do that without ANY pain???”

- Gary Lichtenheld, President, Terrace Supply Company

Torn Meniscus

“When I first went into Dragon’s Life, I did not think I would ever be healed. I was scheduled to have surgery in a couple of months, but was waiting until my daughter’s wedding was over. 

My meniscus was torn away from the bone and I had 2 inch painful gap. After a ½ hour of treatment, I went home and ran up and down the stairs to my amazement and everyone else’s too.

I went to my 2nd treatment on Friday and that evening I was in terrible pain and thought I probably overdid it, as it was still there. To my amazement, that Saturday morning, the gap had closed up and I was feeling NO PAIN!
Dr. Wonderful is a miracle man. I have sent numerous people to see him this year and he has fixed all their problems. I am forever indebted to him! 

I had been to other acupuncturists, but I had never ever had this kind of success. He helped me with my ankles, knees and getting off of blood pressure medicine. 

He is absolutely remarkable and this why I call him “Dr. Wonderful!”

- Paula Hoot

Trigger Finger

“Over the last 2 years, I have experienced “trigger finger.” It actually was my right thumb that was the problem. My thumb was swollen, painful, made a clicking noise and many times locked up. When it locked, I had to use my other hand to unlock the joint. I saw 2 different orthopedic physicians, had cortisone shots and still no resolution.
When surgery was suggested as a solution, I knew I had to find a different option. Fortunately, my daughter recommended Sheng-Li Wang. After about 14 treatments of acupuncture and manipulation, my thumb is completely healed. Amazing! What a gift Sheng-Li Wang has. I have highly recommended this man to many people.
Thank you Sheng-Li Wang for taking away my pain and giving me back my ability to completely use my hand again!”

- Dolores Reiss (April 30, 2013)

Number Processing Ability

Regaining My Number Processing Ability

“My Father had a small construction business, and whether from aptitude or from use he had a great facility with numbers. On the job site or doing the administration of the business he was always tumbling numbers. 

He made little use of a basic calculator and this was well before computers. His avocation was trading the stock market, so he used his number memory and his ability to do math in his head in almost all parts of his life. However, by the end of his life, he was unable to do simple addition of single digit numbers.
As for me, my undergraduate degree was in Actuarial Science, my graduate degree in accounting. I started my professional career in public accounting, became a CPA and ultimately became a floor trader on a futures exchange. 

Numbers and the ability to manipulate numbers have been an important part of my life. I left trading and moved to an administrative position, which does require the use of numbers, but not as constantly as trading.
In 2007 at the age of 59, I noticed it was taking longer for me to process numbers; the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division were slowed. 

By the beginning of 2008 when I would look at two, three or four numbers and try to combine them, it was as if I had reached into a blank hole. It had started as merely slow processing, but ultimately I was drawing a blank. I had not a clue as to the answer. 

It was as if I was trying to read a foreign language, but had not a clue as to how to decipher the words. I saw them, I recognized them, but the combination was unavailable to me.
I found this quite disconcerting, if not frightening. A calculator could have been the solution, however the loss of “processing power” which had been a source of some pride, concerned me greatly. It was as if I had holes in my brain, a part of me was gone. The memories of my Father haunted me. Was I to follow him?
I asked Sheng Li Wang if he could help me with my number memory. After I described the problem, he agreed to try. My treatments were twice weekly acupuncture and energy work, and herbal supplements. 

The work was sometimes delayed because of cold or flu or my travel schedule, but we persevered. After several months I realized my ability to process numbers had substantially returned. 

It had returned gradually and quietly. I might have missed its return because it had been part of me, something which seemed normal, the way it should be, except I had several vivid memories of times I had not been able to process numbers.

Now in similar situations I realized, I could reach out and find the answers, go through the process. I cannot say I am as fast as I was when I was 30, but my experience is when I ask for a process, it happens. I no longer look at two or more numbers and pull a complete blank.
I have regained what I consider to be an important part of who I am. If it
is not noticeable to the outside world, it is very noticeable and measurable to me.”

- Robert Buck Haworth

Ovarian Cancer

“I am 67 years old this year. In 2010, when I was 65 years old, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer that had spread to the colon. I had a full hysterectomy and a partial colectomy. In the beginning of 2011, the doctors found small number of cancerous cells in my kidneys as well. I received Chemotherapy on 4/11/2011. That was when I first heard about Master Wang. One of my friends that I worked with told me that her husband had prostate cancer but did not want to get surgery or chemotherapy; instead, he went to see Master Wang for Acupuncture treatments, and now he is completely cancer free. I started my Acupuncture treatments with Master Wang in May 2011. I used to receive treatments 3 times/week, now I am down to 1 time/week. Currently, I am not doing Chemotherapy, and the CAT scan (3 months ago) showed that I am cancer free.

Thank you Master Wang!”

- Zdzislalia (May 20, 2012)


“If you are suffering from perimenopausal symptoms, Dr. Sheng-Li Wang is the answer! I had severe hot flashes, mood swings and, of course, sleeping was a huge problem. 

My gyn prescribed a low-dose hormone, but then suggested that I dial back the dosage. My symptoms came roaring back. That's when I started my visits to Dragon's Life and I'm happy to say that one year later, I am completely off hormones and completely dedicated to acupuncture. In fact, I've never felt better. 

As I've moved through my menopause process, my hot flashes have occasionally resurfaced and the doctor has adjusted the treatment and the herbs so that I'm back on balance in no time. If I could do one thing over, it would be to start with acupuncture with Dr. Sheng-Li Wang.”

- Kim Kumiega (April 6, 2012)

Peripheral Neuropathy

“I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in my feet 12 months ago. My internist and neurologist said there is really nothing they can do for this. A friend had mentioned Master Wang was helping her father with his headaches, so I decided to try acupuncture. 

I have been receiving treatment for several weeks now and definitely do have more feeling in my feet.”

KES, DG, IL (June 18, 2009)


Diminished Ovarian Reserve

“My husband and I started trying to conceive in April 2010. After trying on our own for 6 months, we began working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist and a different acupuncturist in November 2010. I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve which meant my egg count was low and the quality of my eggs was poor. 

Most women diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve also have high FSH numbers and mine fluctuated. After going through 1 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF cycle, we were able to conceive naturally. 

We suffered an early miscarriage and were told by our first Reproductive Endocrinologist we were unlikely to ever become pregnant through IVF because my FSH numbers had soared to 26 and I would not respond to infertility drugs.
After taking a break and switching to a different Reproductive Endocrinologist, I also switched acupuncturist to Sheng-Li Wang. He had come recommended from a woman with whom I attended infertility support groups. I started going to Dr. Wang three times a week in October 2011 and taking herbs. 

He helped to lower my FSH number to under 10 so that I could start an IVF cycle. Once my FSH was under control, Dr. Wang worked on my egg quality. We successfully became pregnant in April 2012 after going through an IVF cycle. 

I continued to see Dr. Wang on a regular basis to help me throughout the pregnancy. I did not have any morning sickness and had a healthy pregnancy without any complications.
I credit Sheng-Li Wang for helping us achieve a pregnancy without any complications as well as an easy labor and delivery, with the end result being a healthy baby girl born in January 2013! My OB even commented how quickly my labor and delivery was, especially for a first baby. I cannot thank you enough for our little miracle!”

- Tina (February 8, 2013)

Overdue Pregnancy

“Mr. Wang was highly recommended to me by a friend. My husband and I both saw Mr. Wang for different ailments.
My husband broke his ankle 15 years ago in college and had been living with pain. He had a very difficult time working out, walking, etc. 

My husband was very skeptical on this working, but I told him it was worth a try. Mr. Wang did his thing and put needles in my husband's ankle. After his first visit, my husband come out of the appointment with a surreal look on his face and shocked that he had relief.
I went to see Mr. Wang when I was 41-weeks pregnant (overdue) to help induce labor. I wanted to avoid having my water broke by the doctor and wanted it to break on its own. I went in on a Sunday at 2pm to Mr. Wang's office for acupuncture, and that night at 11:30pm my water broke.
Mr. Wang is a kind and gentle person who has a "strong" sense of how to get you back in balance and/or ease or cure your ailment. I highly recommend people who are looking for alternative solutions to seek acupuncture with Dr. Wang.”

- Ellen O'Malley (October 11, 2012)

Sophia Tsoutsouris

“When we first found out we were pregnant we were ecstatic, however our joy quickly changed to concern upon learning the myriad of ailments we would be encountering. 

The first issue we were made aware of was our prenatal babies left kidney was riddled with cyst and may not function, our second concern was the absence of a nasal bone, both of these were indicative of an even larger issue of downs syndrome or some other genetic disorder. 

Our joy tuned into mind-numbing fear, as we were consistently informed appointment after appointment of one abnormality after the other.
“There’s something wrong with this kid” one doctor commented as he performed an ultrasound.
“Her spine is curved,” exclaimed another
“Her dimensions are not proportionate”
“There is not enough blood flow through the umbilical cord”
"There isn’t enough amniotic fluid”
"The baby isn’t growing enough”
We were even casually given the option to perform an amniocentesis to determine if we would like to abort the pregnancy. This was not an option for us we would go forward regardless of the consequences. 

After each of these heartbreaking meetings, we would go directly to Dragon's Life to Dr. Sheng-Li Wang for acupuncture treatment in conjuncture with his hands on energy work. 

Every time Dr. Wang would place his hands on my wife’s stomach our unborn daughter would start moving and kicking her legs. His kind demeanor was a far cry from the cold unsympathetic treatment we received at the hospital.
Each time we returned for our follow up appointments and ultrasounds every month the results were better and better. At a time when the doctors had nothing positive to say and offered no hope, Dr. Wang was a ray of light that continued to guide us with positive words and thoughts.
We continued to see Dr. Wang for the duration of the pregnancy sometimes twice a week. Again and again the doctors were proven wrong with markedly improved results that we attribute to Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and energy work. 

On September 22 at 10:19 AM Sophia was born a beautiful healthy five pound 18 inch baby girl. Our little miracle continues to see Dr. Wang regularly.
We are very thankful that our paths brought us to Dr. Sheng-Li Wang at this critical time in our lives. Thank you, Dr. Wang.”

- Jim, Margarita and Sophia

Prostate Cancer

“I'm 58 years old and 20 months ago a prostate biopsy revealed that I had cancer. I researched the traditional medical therapies. They were surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, radioactive seeds, and there were too many negatives and too much potential trauma to the body. Two doctors recommended surgery.
I looked for alternative methods and decided on acupuncture. It made sense that the body's energy could be directed in the most beneficial manner to cure itself. 

I continued to read books on systems and diets that would prove beneficial to me. The most prominent ones are The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi, The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing by Evelyn M. Monahan, and World Without Cancer, the story of Vitamin B17 by G Edward Griffin.
It's vital to be decisive on your healing path. You must act and know that your choice is working. Be patient and resolute in your choice and continue to educate yourself about your illness. 

Family and friends may try to convince you to pursue other options. This is very stressful. At any rate, put the negatives and positives of your choices in two columns, compare them, and decide what is right for you.
Follow Dr. Wang's instructions and take your herbs.
Subsequent blood tests revealed my PSA was going down. Five months after starting treatment I regained my energy, I gained weight, and I regained my sense of well-being.

At some point, I realized that fear/worry was a cloud that I could
remove. Once I put that positive thought into action, I regained
ownership of enjoying the things that make me happy. I exercised and participated in sports; I read and discovered new potential for growth
and understanding.”

- Tom (February 20, 2009)

Post Surgery Healing

Bunion Surgery

“In Dec 2009, I had bunion surgery on my left foot, the bone would not heal, so in Sept 2010 I had surgery again, my surgeon did the best he could but again my bone would not heal. I was discouraged; my foot was swollen, in a lot of pain wearing a walking cast. 

I found Dragon's life on the internet and made an appointment. I was not sure what to expect, I was greeted by a very gracious lady Donna. Sheng-Li Wang is a very kind quiet man, he checked my foot and said "I will take care of you" and he has taken wonderful care. 

Acupuncture is painless; you get to have 30 minutes of quietness, while the needles are in. Slowly and consistently my bone has healed, it has taken sometime, even my medical doctor was a little surprised how well my bone has healed.
Most important to me is Sheng-Li Wang's special ability to heal through acupuncture, I will always be very grateful for his gift. I will definitely continue to see him for other problems. I would encourage anyone to try Dragon's Life Systems. Acupuncture with Sheng-Li will help you heal.”

- Diana F., Hinsdale, IL (April 19, 2011)

Sleep Apnea

“I was diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea but was reluctant to undergo surgery or wear uncomfortable breathing apparatus. Almost immediately, Dr. Wang's acupuncture treatments greatly reduced my snoring and improved my sleep.”
- John Hogan, Chicago

Smoking Cessation

“To say that nicotine addiction was a problem for me--I smoked 3 packs of Marlboros a day--was an understatement.
Coffee, the telephone, the computer and cigarettes were a bundled package. Together, they dominated my life and fogged my thinking. 

As I approached menopause, I reached a point where it was no longer glamorous to French inhale, as my Mother did; blow smoke rings as my aunt did; or, field strip a cigarette as my Dad taught me when fishing in Northeastern Indiana's lake country during my childhood.
Decades later, my job as convention producer/writer and stage manager for an international service organization was demanding - living out of a suitcase and eating on the run was finally taking its toll.
I was asked to help lead a contingent of hospitality industry colleagues to Washington, D. C. for a lobbying event. My heart wasn't really in I - felt absolutely horrid. 

After many hours of work to prepare the kits and coach attendees, my energy was sapped as I fell into bed.
The next day, my pillow was damp from tears and I was in pain all over….all the time.
My sciatica had kicked in. My throat hurt. My head hurt and I felt terrible. My body was talking to me and I wasn't listening. "No problem," I said to myself. "I'll just take some Advil. 

During dinner, I drank a beer followed by wine. Yes, that was part of the bundled package, too. I didn't feel any better the next day and I sobbed into the telephone to my dear friend, Mary Ellen, saying I don't have a clue what is wrong with me.
She suggested acupuncture and discussed the long ago TV news clips of President Nixon's visit to China. In one clip, a woman was delivering a child via acupuncture while eating an apple. I promised my friend that I'd explore acupuncture.
I saw Sheng Li-Wang the next day, asked for help, and was treated for nicotine addiction. Within a week, I had stopped smoking. That was nearly 12 years ago, and I've never craved nicotine since those treatments. 

Over the years, he has cured my sciatica and back problems, along with those pesky hot flashes (or power surges as many of us call them). And, after Christmas, I had treatments to stop drinking alcohol. They, too, have worked--and I am happy being alcohol and nicotine free without cravings.
Today, with a clearer mind and balanced body, I'm writing again, and looking forward to a longer, more fulfilling life with my husband, children, grandchildren and friends. Thank you, Sheng Li-Wang!”

- Judy Brady, Chicago

Thyroid Disease / Arthritis

“In September 2009, my TSH level had rapidly escalated to 54 and I became extremely concerned about the condition of my thyroid. My TSH level had fluctuated between 4 and 10 for several years but this extremely high level was unprecedented.

I immediately contacted Dragon’s Life about my thyroid issue. I was aware of Dragon’s Life because I had been visiting the clinic since early 2008 for issues related to arthritis in my knee. Due to Dragon’s Life successful chiropractic treatments, my knee had a much higher level of flexibility and minimal pain. I wondered how Dragon’s Life could help my thyroid.
Once learning of my elevated TSH levels, Dragon’s Life immediately began acupuncture treatment supplemented with herbs. Since my TSH level was so elevated, I visited the clinic three times per week over a 4 week period. 

After 4 weeks of treatment, my TSH level dropped to 4.5 which is only .5 out of the normal range. In other words, within one month my TSH levels returned to normal or dropped 49.5 points. Additional follow-up treatments are needed to make sure the levels stay this low.
I am very grateful to Dragon’s Life for treating both my arthritis and my thyroid. Without their natural treatments, I would have endured a lifetime of pain and prescription drug treatments. Thank you.”

- Elizabeth Larkin (November 18, 2009)


“This is a note to relate my very successful and pleasant experience as a patient of Master Shen-Li Wang. I had been suffering from tinnitus (ringing in both ears). 

For the most part, I learned to ignore the ringing but it was still quite annoying as well as interfering with my hearing. 

Most of what I could learn on-line about tinnitus treatment led me to believe that medical treatment was not particularly effective; so, I felt I would have to continue to live with it.
My wife, who was a patient of Master Wang, persuaded me to try acupuncture. I was skeptical but thought I had nothing to lose. After six weeks of acupuncture treatment, the ringing in my left ear ceased. 

I continue to have some ringing in the right ear but it is approximately 50% diminished after six months. I am continuing treatment to try to get as much right ear improvement as possible. At this point, I am only conscious of the ringing when I deliberately pay attention to it. 

My hearing has significantly improved and I can fall asleep much faster than before. As a clinical psychologist, I now feel confident in recommending acupuncture to my own patients who I believe could be helped by it.”

-Gerald A. Blechman, Ph.D.

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