Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal

A Variety of Chinese Herbal Medicine Options

At Dragon's Life Systems, we offer you herbal medicine as a treatment modality within Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

 The combination of acupuncture therapy and herbal medicine can expedite the process of healing for various medical conditions.

Hands-On Techniques for Best Results

As a locally owned setup, Dragon's Life Systems strives to provide you with quality and highly effective health care services based on our 30 years of clinical experience. Our clinical approach involves the use of hands-on techniques for effective treatments.
Chinese Herbal

Personalized Treatment for Each Patient

When you choose us, you will receive unmatched treatment and detailed attention to your specific needs. You will be glad to learn that we deliver specialized treatments for all our patients rather than following a rigid approach.
For Effective Chinese Herbal Medicine, Visit us at our Westmont or Chicago locations
Call us at (630) 323-9720 or (773) 878-9934 and schedule an appointment for acupuncture therapy at Dragon's Life Systems today!

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